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4 Ways You Can Eliminate A Garlic Breath From Home

Garlic is one of the healthiest vegetables out there.However,many people do not eat it because of its strong smell.The presence of sulphur compounds in garlic are the reason as to why it has a foul odour.This article brings to you 4 ways you can continue consuming this healthy vegetable but at the same time avoid the awkward smell that comes with it.

1 Rinse Your Mouth With a Mouth Wash

Peppermint mouthwash particularly can help to eliminate bad breath. Better still you can opt to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that contains chlorine dioxide so as to remove bacteria that breaks down the sulfur in garlic hence causing an awkward odour.

2 Take Green Tea

This type of tea is loaded with compounds such as polyphenols which reduce smell causing chemicals in garlic. Put lemon juice in warm water and drink it immediately after eating garlic.

3 Chewing gum

Although a temporary solution, chewing gum helps one get rid of a garlic smell by producing sufficient saliva which will help wash away bacteria in the mouth.

4 Take A Cup Of Milk

This is actually my favorite way of eliminating a garlic odour in my mouth. Milk significantly reduces the sulfur substances in garlic that are largely responsible for bad breath. Some nutritionists suggest that you should sip milk while eating garlic.

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