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Top 5 Healthy Kenyan Food

1). LIVER- Liver is rich in nutrients such as iron, and zinc that are critical for healthy body functions. Liver is a powerful source of vitamin A. Liver us the most nutrient dense organ meat to consume. Many individuals who are following a healthy lifestyle opt for a diet rich in sustainbly raised, organic meat.

2). ARROW ROOTS- Arrowroots are very low in calories and have relatively more protein than other tropical food source like yams, potatoes, cassava. Arrowroots contains moderate levels of important minerals like copper, iron, manganese and it is an excellent source of potassium which is an important component of cell and body fluids that help regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

3). PLANTAIN BANANA STEW- bananas are cooked until they become soft and begin to form a thick sauce. Plantain bananas are cooked with some onions, tomatoes, oil, garlic, chillies and lemon juice. Matoke os widely available and popular in Kenya.

4). GITHERI-The maize and beans are mixed together in a sufuria or pot, water is then added and the mixture boiled until the food is cooked and ready to eat. Githeri is also called mutheri. Githeri is a Kenyan traditional meat of maize and legumes, mostly beans of any type mixed and boiled together.

5). PILAU- Most Kenyan pilau meals are made with goat meat. Pilau meal consists of rice flavoured with spices cooked in stock meat, chicken or fish. Pilau is considered as a special rice dish that is often served at weddings or festive seasons. Pilau is a Kenyan food which originated from coastal Kenya because of their love for spices.

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