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Photos: Check Out The Name Of "Mutura" In English And Other Countries That Prepare it

The African sausage, popularly known as "Mutura" in Kenya, is a sensational roadside snack that natives grab on their way back home from a hectic long day at work. One major fantastic thing about the 'Mutura' is that it's always served in the evening when darkness is creeping.

‘Mutura' is an intestines-encased with various spices to make the primary goat, cow, and sheep meat tastier. There is also cooled animal blood which is flavored with onions, pepper, and chili.

Butchery vendors and even home-griller roast the sausage over charcoal grillers until it turns golden in color. Then it’s chopped into smaller pieces for buyers.

Traditionally, mutura was meant for men only during ceremonies such as dowry negotiations in central Kenya communities' culture. It was only served to women that men were satisfied and often when they enjoyed other parts of the roasted animal meat.

However, the sausage has gained popularity across Kenya, and almost all communities take and prepare mutura. It's not only prepared during ceremonies but also every single day for buyers to enjoy the delicacy. Kenyan cuisine is also enjoyed in the United States of America.

In other countries, similar cuisine is prepared but has different names. The delicacy has a singular term, "Blood Sausage," which refers to Mutura in Kenya, Morcela in Poland, and many more.

The only thing differentiating ‘Mutura' from other blood sausages across the world is the additional spices that make it tastier. Natives use pig, cow, horse, donkey, sheep, duck, goat's meat, and blood in other countries and regions. Below are the names of "Mutura" in other areas.

Country - Mutura Name

1.Kenya- Mutura

2. Finland- Mustamakkara

Contains pig meat and blood. It is black in color with a juicy center and crisp casing. It is consumed as a late breakfast and lunch meal.

3. Estonia- Verivorst

It is usually served during Christmas festivals. It consists of barley, onions, allspice, marjoram, and blood.

4. Sweden- Blodpudding

It is prepared with pig blood and mixed with flour, beer, or butter with seasoning.

5. South Korea- Sundae

6. Spain-Morcilla de Burgos

7. Czech Republic – Jelito

8. Poland- Kaszanka

9. Croatia –Krvavica

10. Germany- Blutwurst 

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