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Here Are The Benefits of Mursik: The Charcoal Sour Milk Delicacy Popular In The Here Are The Benefits of Mursik: The Charcoal Sour Milk Delicacy Popular In The Kalenjin Community

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The Kalenjin community in Kenya produces Mursik; a native fermented milk which is popular in the Kalenjin community.

It is prepared from cow or goat milk and fermented in a calabash gourd that has been specifically made; it is referred to as a sotet in the local Kalenjin dialect.

A new batch of boiled and cooled milk is then added to the gourd after it has been lined with smoke and charcoal made from particular trees.

The charcoal powder will give the milk a black spotted appearance in its creamy colour.

The black soured milk is available for use after the gourd has been closed and kept in a dark, cool environment for three to four days to allow fermentation to occur.

The amazing health benefits of mursik are:-

•Betters Metabolism

The effects of stress on the digestive system and those of potent medications are relieved by taking mursik; which is essentially the fastest method to enhance the health of the bacterial flora in the stomach. It is also very easy to process and kind to the intestines.

•Helps To Lessen The Feeling Of Tiredness

The vital D that can be obtained from plants, such as mursik, keeps our energy levels at their peak, which serves to lessen feelings of fatigue.

•Improves Eyesore And Contributes To The Maintenance Of The Health Of The Bones, Teeth, Muscles And Epidermis

Mursik will benefit the body in numerous essential ways because fermented milk products are a natural supply of calcium.

•Ensures The Immune System Is Working As It Should

The healthy bacteria and vitamin B in mursik improve the immune system. It is advised to consume fermented milk to fend off germs.

•Aids In Weight Management

Mursik is a great ally if you are having trouble maintaining your weight or would like to lose weight because it hydrates the body, gives a ton of vital nutrients like unsaturated fats, minerals and healthy bacteria and it also speeds up metabolism.

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