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Meet A Kenyan Woman Behind Arsenal FC Stars Delicious Meals

This is an extraordinary feat for a woman who hails from a humble background, and Kariuki is credited for bringing more diverse concepts to the table. Kariuki, who has a degree in Culinary Arts from West London University, is passionate about improving African food and culture and promoting it to the footballing world. She has forged a path in the industry and believes that there are many other talented African chefs who could follow in her footsteps.

Photo courtesy of Bernice Kariuki

Arsenal, Kariuki is responsible for ensuring the dietary needs of the players are met. She pays close attention to their individual dietary requirements and works with nutritionists and medical staff to develop bespoke meal plans for each player.

Photo courtesy of Bernice Kariuki

With her unique approach, Kariuki has been credited for creating innovative dishes for the club and has forged strong relationships with the players. Kariuki is also a strong advocate for healthy eating and promotes the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Photo courtesy of Bernice Kariuki

Her credentials have meant that she is often invited to take part in culinary events, acting as a keynote speaker and demonstrating her passion. With her dedication to her craft and the opportunities she has forged for others, it's no wonder Kariuki is becoming a household name in the football world.

Photo courtesy of Bernice Kariuki

She often encourages the Arsenal players to reduce their sugar and fat intake while eating lean proteins and fresh vegetables. As part of her job, Kariuki also plans team meals and wider culinary activities such as cooking classes in the club’s revamped training facility.

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Kariuki is a strong believer in using locally sourced ingredients and has worked hard to establish close links with suppliers across the UK.

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Through her work, Kariuki is paving the way for African food to become part of mainstream culture, and her success is giving hope to countless others. Kariuki is a shining example of what can be achieved when hard work and passion converge. She is a true inspiration to the African food and footballing communities.

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