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How To Prepare An Omelette With Bread Crumbs For Breakfast

The omelette of breadcrumbs is a new recipe that most people have tried using and have greatly loved it.Its an easy recipe that is simple to follow and takes the shortest time possible when preparing it.


4 eggs

1 clove of garlic

25 grams breadcrumbs



olive oil


Beat the eggs adding finely chopped garlic and parsley successively.

Add breadcrumbs making sure the mixture is uniform.

Cook the omelette over low heat with a few drops of cooking oil to prevent sticking.

Turn it and make sure it's cooked both sides

Tips and tricks

You can decorate the omellete with small slices of tomato or similarly, something not too fancy. It is usually served in shaped cake.

The mount of breadcrumbs can be modified by the diners. Adding more breadcrumbs in the mixture of beaten eggs you will get a thicker omelette. Just opposite, with less breadcrumbs, you will get a lighter omelette.

Try it out and share with us the results.. remember to follow,like and comment.

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