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Common Foods and Drinks You Should Avoid Eating While Breastfeeding

I know it sounds weird to you but there are some food and drinks you ought to avoid eating while breastfeeding for the sake of your baby.

Below are some of those foods. I hope you find this helpful.

1. Fish

Fish are a great source of protein and acids and are okay if you eat moderation during breastfeeding. However there are some fish that contain high levels of mercury like king mackerel fish, which maybe a threat to your little one.

But if you must eat fish, you may also select a fish that is low in mercury if possible such as tilapia, salmon and trout.

2. Coffee and Tea

I know every breastfeeding woman wakes up craving for a comforting cup of coffee or tea. Am not against that but you should be very careful before drinking any of those.

This is because the caffeine in coffee and tea does end up in breast milk, which can make napping difficult for both you and your little one. Your baby’s body doesn’t process caffeine as quickly as yours does, and consuming it can quickly throw off their sleep schedule.

3. Alcohol

If you want you baby to be safe, avoid drinking any sought of alcohol. But if you must drink makes sure you stay about 2hours without breastfeeding your baby as alcohol takes 2hours to metabolize and once it is out of your blood stream it is no longer in your breasts.

4. Chocolate

Like tea and coffee the caffeine in chocolate can also cause sleeping problems with your little one it also causes runny stools to your little one.

4. Garlic

If your baby refuses to breastfeed, this could be the reason. Breast take on the flavour of the food you have taken to the milk and babies enjoy them. However babies do not enjoy the flavour of garlic.

5. Gassy foods

Gassy food such as beans can cause problems to your baby as leave them bloated which is really uncomfortable to them.

What other foods and drinks or even fruits do know are supposed to be avoided by breastfeeding mothers? Leave your answer in the comment section below. Also like,share and follow my channel.

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