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Beaches in the lake region where to find the tastiest tilapia

Tilapia is a delicacy among many Kenyans both in the urban and rural areas. It is available in various sizes thus affordable to most households. Tilapia is rich in proteins and omega-6 which is good for the general health of both adults and children. In the lake region, there are various beaches where tilapia is mostly fished and they are believed to produce the most delicious tilapia and you will find buyers scrambling to buy them as early as 3 AM in the morning to avoid disappointing their customers back in the hotels and restaurants.

Below are the beaches whose fish are perceived to be delicious.

Muhuru Beach

This beach is found in Migori County close to the border between Kenya and Tanzania. It produces tilapia of weights ranging from 0.3kgs to 2kgs making it to be frequented by hoteliers for their quality fish.

Migingo Island

Though not an island, it is one of the best tilapia producers in the Nyanza region, it's production is almost similar to that of Muhuru. Tilapia here attracts a nation wide market.

Sori and Karungu Beaches

These two beaches also produce tilapia which is consumed in the larger parts of Migori and the surplus sold to other counties. Their finger sized tilapia have sweet natural taste.

Therefore, it is suitable to consume fish since it nutritious.

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