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6 surprising health benefits of camel milk

For millennia, nomadic civilizations living in harsh conditions like deserts have relied heavily on camel milk as a source of nutrition.

It is currently manufactured for commercial purposes, distributed worldwide, and offered online in frozen and powdered form.

You might question why some individuals pick camel milk when there are widely available options like cow's milk and other plant- and animal-based milks.

Here are 6 advantages of drinking camel milk.

Enhances immunity

Lysozyme and lactoperoxidase, infection-fighting enzymes with antiviral and antibacterial capabilities, are abundant in camel milk.

This supports the body's built-in defense system. Additionally, camel milk has been shown by researchers to be able to combat autoimmune diseases.

2. An alternative to milk that is secure

Camel milk is a safe alternative for people who have a milk allergy, which is only one of its remarkable advantages. A1 casein and beta-lactoglobulin, two proteins that trigger allergic responses, are absent from camel milk in contrast to cow milk. Therefore, camel milk is safe for usage by lactose sensitive people.

To see if camel milk could cause any negative side effects, an experiment was carried out on 25 lactose intolerant patients. The modest reactions to camel milk were limited to just two people.

3. Can lessen signs of autism

It is employed in several regions of the world to treat autism. There are reports that support the idea that some kids with autism often drank camel milk.

The outcomes were unexpected. They received the right amount of sleep, and their language, spatial awareness, and eye contact all improved. The significance of camel milk was the driving force behind this breakthrough.

It enhanced cognitive and behavioral habits and lessened the negative consequences of oxidative stress.

4. Helps ward off diabetes

An efficient anti-diabetic drug is camel milk. It not only results in patients requiring less insulin, but also improves glucose tolerance.

5. Rich calcium source

Everyone is aware of how crucial calcium is to our bodies. Strong bones and teeth depend on it. Compared to cow milk, camel milk has a higher percentage of calcium. This is another another wonderful camel milk health benefit.

6. Encourages growth

Proteins are the food for building muscles that are especially important for growing children. Compared to cow milk, camel milk is higher in proteins. This encourages bone growth and development. It can be given to newborns who are underweight to make up for their lack of protein.


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