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Tell Kenyans the Truth; Competition Authority of Kenya Tells Bread Makers

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay.

Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has told the bread makers to disclose the actual ingredients in each bread. Even though they did not mention any brand name, CAK hinted that consumers are given misleading information in a bid for the manufactures to increase sales.


The Competition Authority noted that some brands falsely claimed to use milk and butter in their bread where it did not, or rather, the quantities mentioned were not correct. The authority went further to site out that some manufacturers did not disclose the ingredients of their fortified products.


Their remarks come at a time when most bread manufacturers are struggling to put their best foot forward in a challenging economic condition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The regulator has ordered all bakers to adhere to the Competition Act and other relevant standards.

Furthermore, they have been urged to stop malpractices such as not providing manufacturing and expiry dates on bread wrappers. But instead, they should provide the correct net weight in grams, a list of all ingredients, including specifying the vitamins and minerals used in fortification. They are also supposed to indicate the expiry as “Best Before” instead of “Sell By” date.


“To ensure compliance with the order, the authority hereby requires and orders all bread manufacturers in Kenya to adhere to the above requirements with immediate effect. The authority shall continuously undertake spot-checks to establish compliance with all the directives,” CAK director-general Wang’ombe Kariuki said.

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