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Why You Should Begin To Consider Donkey Milk As Your Alternative Source Of Milk

Donkey milk might sound disgusting and new to your ear, but the consumption of donkey milk has been around for years. It has begun to once again attract more users in recent days who find it as an alternative to cow and goat milk.

Donkey milk has medicinal value as it is mostly used in treating Arthritis, coughs, and wounds. It also helps in maintaining a smooth body. Donkey milk has many similarities with the human milk, it was mostly used in ancient days to feed orphaned children because of its nutrition value.

Another health benefit of Donkey milk is that it contains low fats meaning it is less in cholesterol and had more vitamin D as compared to other milk. Donkey milk also contains Lactose which helps your body absorb calcium which is helpful information of strong bones.

However the biggest disadvantage of donkey milk is that it is expensive and limited in Kenya. The number of donkey farmers who rear them for milk is limited in the country

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