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How Typical Kalenjin Mothers Made Tasty Mursik Using Charcoal, Gourds and Milk

The Kalenjin Community prides itself with the traditional fermented Milk which they normally refer to as Mursik. The culture of preparing Mursik using the traditional ways is still common in Kalenjin inhabited areas.

Before even the Europeans brought the Western Civilization and long before the Milk factories that ferment Milk came to East Africa, Fermentation of Milk existed in Kalenjin territory.

A typical Kalenjin woman Only required four things for the whole process . A Gourd, a small piece of Charcoal, A stick (from a specific tree called 'Sosiot'), and Milk.

The Milk is first boiled and allowed to cool. As the milk cools down, the Kalenjin mother prepares the gourd. A process referred to as "Sute Sotet" in the kalenjin language. Hence the proverb "Makisute sotet Kotomo Koii Teta" which loosely translates to "One should not prepare the gourds before the cow gives birth."

The process of preparing the gourd involved placing the piece of Charcoal into the Gourd and continuously breaking it into smaller pieces using the stick. After that, the Milk is poured into the gourd and the opening closed for 3-5 days. After the 5 days the Mursik (sour milk) was ready for consumption and was served with Ugali (made from millet or Sorghum flour)

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