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Your Chicken won't Fall Sick Easily if you Use These Herbs

As we all know, most Chickens in our country today are raised to produce eggs, meat or for food. It is very important to ensure that your chickens stay healthy. This will help to increase the quality and quantity of products from your chickens.

The most common types of diseases that affect poultry are; Chicken anemia, Egg drop Syndrome, Fowl pox, Curled toe paralysis, Infectious bronchitis, Newcastle, Coccidiosis, Gumboro and Fowl Cholera.

Today, I want to take you through some herbs that will greatly help your chickens not to fall sick easily.

Chilli Pepper

I know most of us are aware of this type of fruit plant as it's also used by human beings as spices, to add heat on food. For the sake of curing chickens, pick a handful of ripe chilli peppers. This fruit plant really helps to improve digestion in both broilers and layers.

Aloe Vera

This is a powerful herb that heals so many diseases affecting our poultry. Pick three to four of its leaves.

Mexican Sunflower

This is a popular plant found in most of our villages. For the sake of curing chickens, you just need to pick enough fresh leaves of Mexican Sunflower plant.


Combine the three herbs then crush them into smaller pieces. Put the crushed remedy in a container then add enough water. Stir the mixture repeatedly then sieve to obtain the liquid solution.

Place the liquid solution in an appropriate place where your chickens can be able to access and drink it. Thank me later.

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