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How To Make Your Pancakes Tastier and Yummy

Pancakes are simple and easy to prepare for breakfast. However, if you do not know how to prepare this fast food, you may dislike its taste. But there are methods to enhance the taste such as:

•Adding butter: This ingredient is added in the mixer together with sugar, eggs, milk and flour to enhance the taste when preparing.

•Lemon: The fermentation of lemon strengthens the double taste of this food. After cooking them, mix lemon juice with sugar in a cup and sprinkle them then prepare immediately.

•Honey: Like lemon juice, honey is sprinkled on top of these chapatis when they are ready before being prepared.

• Cocoa. In addition to enhancing the taste, its brown color makes you want to eat this food. This ingredient is mixed with wheat flour and kneaded and then added to eggs and milk before the recipe begins.

• Flour of fried nuts: It is mixed with wheat flour.

•Bread crumbs: They are sprinkled in the oven before the recipe starts.

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Honey Lemon


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