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Foods That Make You Feel Hungry And What To Eat Instead

French fries

They are filled with trans fats and salt that harm the hormones in our stomach that are related to helping us feel full. Adding ketchup which contains high fructose corn syrup doesn’t help, but all this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy potatoes. Simply boil them, and this way they have more vitamins and resistant starch, which works like fiber, satisfies hunger and gets you to eat fewer calories.

Low fat yogurt

Yogurt is always considered healthy especially the low fat variant, however they can still leave you feeling hungry. When buying yogurt, avoid the ones that are high in carbs, plain Greek style or stained yogurt has enough protein to keep you satisfied.

Egg white omelets

Always be careful when cooking eggs, when preparing an omelet most people might forgo the yolks to have a healthier dish. But when it comes to filling you up, yolks have fits in them that can help you stay full longer and helps you absorbs the nutrients from the eggs.


The cereals with sugar or any kind of artificial sweeteners lack fiber and proteins, even diet cereals that are low in calories can have low fiber. Hot cereal like oatmeal is better alternative because it has high fiber content and ability to soak up water.


They barely have any nutrients which is bad for your blood sugar, the best choice is to combine them with proteins and make a breakfast sandwich with an egg or slice of smoked salmon.


Fruits are always the best choice in making you feel full including the apples, but you should never eat apples on their own because they can cause a glucose spike that gets digested quickly. You should add another protein like nuts and enjoy the snack.

Chewing gum

Most of us like to chew gum in order to trick our mind into thinking we’re eating without actually chowing down on calories. But this habit has an opposite effect: as gastric juices prepare in your stomach, your body can make you feel hungry. It’s better eating something simple to fill you up like nuts, almonds and walnuts. They’re high in filling, healthy fats and proteins, they also have to be chewed properly. Almond should be chewed 40 times and you will feel full than if you eat them quickly.

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