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What is a blender and its importance

A blender is a machine made with a motor and interconnected with a jar and blades inside the jar which mince fruits to the maximum of producing juice when you connect to power source. This is is what we call a blender as you can see the image shown below.

It is used to blend fruits. You can spices like spinach into smaller or tiny pieces and insert it to the blender jar and add some little water so that when you start to blend you can get the correct mixture. You can also peel the sugar cane, cut it into tiny pieces and put the tiny pieces inside the blender jar. Add some little water to get the best mixture. Again you can try by peeling bananas or oranges and cut the inner part into tiny pieces, put it inside the blender jar, add little water to be able to get the best mixture.

This mixture by use of blender to make the fruits juice, sugar cane juice is suitable for old people who cannot chew due to their worn out teeth or young people who may have had a teeth or tooth decay and visited a dentist who removed the teeth and replaced with artificial teeth that we call in other words man made.

Before you start to blend fruits make sure that you cover the top part of the jar so that the fruits will not get sacked out out by the vibration pressure of the movement of the blender attached and secured star shaped knives of the blender when in motion of blending.

If you look at the blender you will see that it can be fissioned, which means can be split into two parts. That is the blender jar and the machine that contains inside a motor that when you plug it to a wall socket that contains power and switch the socket on, the current flows inside the conductors joining the blender machine and then put on the switch of the machine blender and it will induce by starting rotating the star sharp shaped knives that are secured or joined together and enables the small pieces of fruits to start mincing to the maximum of producing the juice you want.

You can fission the jar and the machine that blends, so as you can clean the jar after blending to make it clean for future safety use. After the jar is clean and you want to interconnect it with the machine blender, make sure you look inside the jar whether the star shaped blades are well secured and also you will see and find out that the blender jar has a plastic rounded star shaped. The machine blender that enables the rotating part is also made of a hard rounded rubber star shaped that it interconnects both the jar and the machine and makes both remain secured.

Remember that when you connect the blender to the wall socket and put it on, you will realize that it produces a loud sound that can frighten small children or an infant, so make sure before you start the process of preparation of peeling and mincing of fruits and blending there is no any child near. You can look for someone and take the children to safer place and stay there by overlooking them.

The blender machines are designed into different sizes that suits or fits different sizes of blender jar like: one litre jar, one and half, two litres etc. If you want a best long lasting or what we call durable for longer time working blender, it is advisable you buy it from made in USA, Europe countries like Spain, England, Germany, Britain and some Asian countries like Japan, South Korea or Russia and also remember that in Russia there is a part of it in Europe and the other part in Asia.

The best thing about buying original blender is that its spair parts are available and you can order them. You can order spair parts from Amazon or even the whole package of the blender. When blender breaks the inside parts, you can consult a prowess electrician and order the spare parts and he/she will be able to fix it and start working again effectively. Enjoy the blending of fruits. Stay safe, stay health.

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