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Check how you can save your chicken with aloe vera

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that is found all over the country. This plant is known to be helpful for both human and chicken.

The aloe vera leaf is spliced, and the inner soft flesh is removed. It is placed in a dish and crushed till soft. The liquid oozing out is tapped and is to be diluted with water.For every half a litre of the juice, add about five litres of water. This is placed where the chicken can drink it.

Once they drink it, they become immune to a lot of infections and even heal from an one that they had already aquired. This is a very cost effective way of protecting the chicken from death during an outbreak of a an infection that is killing many of them.

An improvement in their survival rate will be recognized once they start drinking that water. Those who will eat these chicken will also be protected from the infections that the hen aquired when feeding outdoor.

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