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Cabbage is a Cure Hiding in Plain Sight

Many people are only now coming into the new realization that stomach and intestinal ulcers are caused only by:

              - Helicobacter pylori bacteria overgrowth in the gut

              - Overuse of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

 The above two causes wear away the mucus lining that protects digestive walls hence exposing causing excavation by digestive juices released for digesting foods.

Most the ulcers victims, therefore engage in habits that ultimately cause these unnecessary ailment by habitual ingestion of drugs such as aspirin and engaging in unhealthy eating habits. To make matters worse, they unknowingly continue with some of these habits even after experiencing symptoms and diagnosis, a factor which worsens their predicament.

There are proven methods of making an end to this illness amongst them being eating Sauerkraut (a fermented cabbage paste). Sauerkraut is a German word coined from sauer (translated sour) and kraut (cabbage) hence sour cabbage that has a claimed native delicacy origin from all around Europe and China.

It basically involves the process of:

 -grinding cabbage into a paste using the domestic motor and pestle or an electric blender then transferring it into a storage bowl

 -adding some salt to taste and topping up with water to minimize contact with air then cover the bowl with a lid

 - storing it for fermentation for a period of several days till it acquires that sour taste.

This process helps grow the gut-friendly bacteria which when ingested brings balance to the H.pylori infested digestive organs. Sauerkraut is served as a salad along main meals. If this is taken repeatedly over a period of one week, significant improvement is observed and eventual healing experienced.

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