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These Food Stuffs Will Fill Your Tummy Within Minutes

Having the perfect body is a tough journey as all that effort you put in dieting and massive workouts may not give you the results you expected and before you know it you will be back to your normal eating habits.Eating junk foods like sausages, chips and chocolate are dense in terms of calories but if you think twice about it they do not give you that satisfaction effect.This is to mean that you can eat a lot of them but you won't get satisfied.Staying physically fit requires you to eat foods that are healthy and filling all at once.These filling foods that you should add to your diet include:


Many people assume potatoes to be unhealthy in that they make them fat. However,the truth is potatoes are awesome when it comes to dieting and are surprisingly low in calories than rice.What makes potatoes unhealthy is deep frying them or adding cheese to them. Otherwise, baked,mashed or boiled potatoes are a filling and nutritious meal for you.


Soup is great at satisfying hunger as they are full of nutrients drawn from what makes them either meat,beans or vegetables.Soup is low in calories and in liquid form which makes you feel satisfied after drinking a bowl of it.You can try taking a bowl of soup before a main meal when you are super hungry.Trust me,you won't each much of the main meal.


Popcorn is a snack but not all snacks are harmful.In fact, popcorn is more healthy if it is not dipped in butter or air-popped.Popcorns are simple to prepare and you can also add any spices you want if you don't like plain popcorn.


Fruits are always carrying a bad reputation as people on the sugar levels that fruits contain. On the other side of it,fruits are healthy and watermelon specifically is one of them. Watermelon contains sugar but 90% of its flesh is water so there is no harm in consuming them.


Spicy foods have been proven to reduce appetite.Adding chilli peppers to your meals gives you the spicy feeling and the joy of knowing that you will not over-eat.

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