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7 Things That We Have Been Doing Them The Wrong Way

Removing a plastic tie lock correctly

If you ever come across plastic tie locks, you no longer have to worry, don't waste your time trying to cut them with scissors. What you need to do is to open them by moving the long end to the side and pulling it out of the latch.

Applying a Band Aid

Am sure all of have severally get small injuries and had to use a Band-Aid, so we all know that it often slides off a finger after a few moments. To avoid this, cut the sides of the Band-Aid in two, and cross them when putting it on the finger.

Cooking the best patty

In order to make the best patty, first thing is put something like an egg in the middle of it. Put some doughnut-shaped minced meat in a frying pan, put an egg in the middle, and fry on both sides. After following that procedure, you will get a delicious and nutritious patty for your hamburger.

Holding a beer or soda bottle correctly

The right way to hold a bottle is holding it the narrow bottleneck because it was designed to be held like that. It is comfortable, and your drink won't catch your hand's warmth.

Peeling corn easily

Simply cut the corn cob into some pieces and then remove one row of grains. Then take the cob into your hands, put your thumb over the next row, and press. When you use this technique, it will be easy for you to eat corn row by row leaving the cob absolutely clean.

Getting rid of watermelon seeds

It is very easy just cut a watermelon in halves crosswise. You will realize that the seeds grow in rows. Cut slices, leaving the seeds a little bit on the sides. Finally you will just have to remove them with a knife.

Avoid rinsing chicken

The truth is, germs die while cooking, but they spread everywhere if you wash meat because you literally sprinkle them all over your kitchen. Don't wash meat before cooking it. Just cook it through very well.

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