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The Perfect Method Of Cooking Ugali

1.Boil water until it bubbles. The water should be very hot. This ensures the ugali will cook perfectly. If you cook before it boils, your ugali will not be sweet.

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2. Add two cups full of flour into the water.

Let it cook a few seconds until water starts to cover the flour. Make sure their is enough heat applied.

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3.Mix the the flour and water using a wooden spoon. Take your time mixing it so that it cooks well.

4. Add a handful of flour and continue to mix the water and flour it will start to come together.

5.Reduce the heat and keep turning the ugali as it continues to stick together. Gather the ugali and press it onto the side of the sufuria.

6. Continue pressing the ugali on the side of the sufuria until it forms an oval-like shape.

7. Once the ugali has become firm, turn it once more and smoothen it into a round. You will know your ugali is ready once you start to smell the aroma clearly.

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