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Fruits that adds extra weight to your body

There are a lot of people no matter how much food they consume they will never reach the "ideal" weight.

To those people here are some of the good news for you. In this article i will show you some of the fruits that can add up your weight instantly.

1. Banana.

Banana are the most healthiest and affordable fruits that can help you to add some kilos.

Banana are calorie dense fruits as they contain 210 calories in two banana.

They are also rich in carbohydrates which may boost your weight.


Avocados can work a miracle on your weight.

They contain 322 Calories in One big avocado which makes an ideal weight gain fruit.

They also contain high fat content of unsaturated fat per 100 grams of serving size.


Mango fruit can also help you gain weight.

Mangoes may be low - energy dense fruits but when you eat in right quantities they can speed up the weight gain process.


Apples is one of the fruit that helps in weight gain as well as weight loss.

When taken in moderate quantities they help in shedding some extra kilos.

But when consumed in excess, the fiber in apples makes you feel more hungry after some time allowing you to increase calorie intake.

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