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Here Are Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Tea

Tea is a popular beverage. The most prevalent teas are green, black, and oolong. which are derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant

Few things are as pleasurable or calming as a hot cup of tea, but the benefits of this beverage don't stop there.

Tea consumption in moderation is, for the most part, a healthy option.

Excessive drinking of three to four cups (710 950ml) per day can have the same detrimental effects.

The following are some instances of the effects:

1. Iron absorption is reduced

Tannins in tea can bind to iron in plant-based diets, limiting how much you can absorb in your digestive system. If you're iron deficient, drink tea in between meals.

2. Anxiety, stress, and restlessness are all on the rise.

Tea contains caffeine, which can trigger anxiety and restlessness in certain people. Reduce your tea consumption or switch to caffeine-free herbal teas if you experience these effects.

3. Sleep deprivation

Tea with too much caffeine might cause melatonin synthesis to drop and sleep patterns to be disrupted.


Tannins in tea can irritate sensitive people's digestive tissue, causing symptoms including nausea and stomach ache.

5. Acid Reflux

Due to its potential to relax the lower esophageal sphincter and enhance acid production in the stomach, caffeine in tea may cause heartburn or exacerbate underlying acid reflux.

6. Complications of pregnancy

Overexposure to caffeine from tea during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage or low birth weight in the baby. Herbal teas should also be used with caution because some of the constituents can cause labor.

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