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Best clubs and restaurants in keroka town and where they are located.

1. Bunker hotel.

It is located along keroka_ Nyasiongo Highway. It's a 5 minute drive from keroka town.The hotel offers a good view of keroka town.

2. club champion.

This is the best club in keroka town. Located opposite supermartt supermarket.

3.New star bar and restaurant.

This club is the most famous among the locals of keroka town. The locals use this club when to refer visitors who are new in keroka. It acts as a meeting point for those who are new in keroka.

4.Diplomat Hotel.

The best guest room in keroka town. It offers the locals with cheap and affordable accomodations starting from 500ksh to as much as 5k for VIP.

5. Block B.

Well known among the is located a few metres from the market. It is well lite during the dark hours of the night.

6. Riches Guest club

It is a wines and spirits but well know by also offers affordable Guest rooms starting from as low as 500ksh.

7. New check inn.

This is the only place you will be served by professional ladies. Even roasted meat is available at all time starting from as earlier as 6am.

8. Hill top hotel.

Located on keroka_ Ichuni road 5 minutes drive from keroka offers an ideally place for conference and meetings.

Other clubs and restaurants include

Garissa hotel.

Flamingo hotel.

Back lodge bar.

Mwalimu hotel.

Tropical hotel.

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