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Why taking hot water is a waste of your precious time

Boiling water is approximately 100 °C or 212 °F which is capable of scalding human skin and many other body tissues. Taking water through your mouth at such temperatures you risk scalding the inner walls of your mouth.

When you take hot water how long does it retain its temperature in your stomach?

This is the answer that will give you the reason why taking hot water is a complete waste of your precious time in this world.

Physiologic body temperature is a range of 36.5-37.4, and it takes a short period for food and drinks taken whether hot or cold to attain it. 

Some claim that hot water helps in emulsification of fat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fat emulsification occurs optimally at body temperature via the action of bile juice.

In addition to this emulsification of fat does not occur in the stomach.

Don't burn your buccal cavity drinking liquids at temperatures your mouth is not comfortable with.

Take food and drinks, water included, at relatively warm and not on either extremes of hot or cold.

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