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Mtumba Shoes Cost Per Bale and Number of Shoes in Each Bale

Are you a person who is looking forward to start the selling of second hand shoes and do not have any hint on what the starting capital should be? Here is what you should know about the amount of money you need and the number of Shoes likely to be in a particular bale.

Most sales people are known to obtain their bales from the Gikomba market in Nairobi. For any person wanting to obtain the bale you should be there as early as possible so that you get to choose the best bale before many people get to buy.

You should know that the price tends to increase as time passes by and particularly the price starts at 5500 for the bale of Shoes for the early risers of 5:00 am.

Starting from 6:00 am the price may increase to 5800 or 6000 but you are eligible to bargain also. But you should remember to have extra money since you need people to carry your bale to the bus station from Gikomba.

Each bale contains about 50 to 55 pairs of shoes meaning that if you happen to get a nice bale with few torn shoes and many nice shoes you are likely to get a good profit from the sales.

If you also have less money that cannot buy a bale, you can start by buying few pairs of shoes from the traders at the market and you should be careful on the shoes that you choose by checking the soles and sides of the shoes to ensure that it is in good condition.

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