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Wash Your Hair Once Using This And You Will Be Surprised By What Happens Next

Waiting patiently for your hair to grow on its own may have taken several months in the past but this is no longer the case. Using this remedy grows out your hair to the desired length at the same time keeping the strands strong, black and shiny. Medical research practitioners discovered that there are high amounts of antioxidants in this alongside essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins B and E. These helps hair grow long, makes strands stronger and smoother while increasing the shine.

This remedy has been used in China, Japan and Southeast Asia for traditional beauty treatments for hair and is also known to improve skin health for people suffering from dermatitis.

You Will Need The Following.

2O grams of white rice

1 jug of water

1 ripe pawpaw Chopping block



Mortar and pestle


How To Prepare.

Transfer the rice into a bowl, add water to it and set it aside to soak for sometime as you continue to prepare the rest of the remedy. Wash the pawpaw using clean water. Cut off the scar then set on the chopping block. Slice in the middle. Use a spoon to scoop out all of the seeds from both the halves. Transfer into the mortar and pestle and crush them. Do this for three more minutes until a fine paste is formed.

By this time the rice water should be ready. Use a spoon to stir the solution for sometime before you filter it out using a sieve. Add the crushed pawpaw seeds to the rice water as you stir and the remedy is just about ready for use.

Filter out the large particles of the seeds.

How To Use.

Wash your hair as per your routine, use this to rinse and you massage on your hair. Focus on the areas that hair has fallen off from. Let it soak for twenty more minutes and then rinse it off.

Continue to use this remedy and see how fast your hair grows. Several women in Asia have opted to alternate rice water as their regular bath water and the results is seen on their hair. Some rice water advocates suggests that fermented rice water works faster and is more productive than plain rice water.

Content created and supplied by: PiedPiper (via Opera News )

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