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Quick Tips On How To Ease Pain After Braiding

It's the dream of every girl to have a beautiful hairstyle. Well plaited hair makes a girl really beautiful. However, the process of getting a good hairstyle might be breathtaking as the processes of braiding and plaiting are quite painful. Whether the pain comes during plaiting or after plaiting, we can agree that it's not such a good experience. The following tips will help you to ease the pain on your head after plaiting so that you can be happy when showcasing your fresh hairstyle to your friends.

1 Use a pencil or a pen to loosen up tight braids

Tight braids stretch out the skin on your scalp thus causing pain. Loosening your braids helps to ease the tension on your scalp hence reducing the pain. You can loosen up braids by sticking a pencil into the center of the braids, each at a time.

2 Use Leave-In Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner helps to soothe your scalp. It offers relief and reduces the tightness of the braids. You should apply a pea sized drop of the conditioner at the base of the each braid. However, your should apply only a small amount as too much leave-in conditioner can make you have an oily scalp.

3 Washing your braids with warm water

Warm water loosens up your braids. It can be a very useful especially when your head hurts due to tight braids. You can wash your braids twice after plaiting to loosen them up hence easing the pain. However, your should avoid washing your braids for too long as water reduces the lifespan of braids.

4 Avoid tying your braids up

Tying your braids up only makes tighter hence worsening the pain after braiding or plaiting. You should let your braids stay loose for a couple of days after braiding so as to ease the pain after braiding. Furthermore, tying your hair up can lead to hair breakage and a disappearing hairline.

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