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What Your Shoes says About you.

The importance of shoes cannot be over emphasised, shoes plays a very crucial role in our lives.

Apart from protecting our feet's, they also make us appear presentable.

Just picture yourself going to work without shoes, you will look absolutely weird and out of place.

And many will ask you, what's going on?

But do you know what the shoes you wear, says about you?

Many people just put on shoes, but they don't have any hint what their shoes say about their personalities. That's why we have different shoes, for every occasion in the world.

Shoes for outdoor occasions, some for sports and others for office wear.

You can't use military boot's to play soccer with, they will totally let you down, no matter how a virtuoso football player you may be.

And on the same breath, you can't use swimming shoes for dinner date.

You might scare your date away, unless you are meeting under the sea.

A shoe can reveal the following facts about your self.

1. YOUR FINANCIAL POWER. There are shoes that can only be worn, by the Wheeler dealers of our society.

They can cost the ranks and file an arm and a leg, imagine a shoe treading for over 250k.

Yes! You heard me right, a shoe that cost over 250k.

I remember on one of my trips in the UK, I saw a shoe in one of the stores that cost 86k.

And it was just a simple leather shoe, and I was totally shocked.

Being a Gikomba shoe guy, the highest I have ever paid for a shoe is 300 Bob. 2. YOUR SOCIAL STATUS. Different social class, have different shoes.

Show me your shoes, and I will tell you who you are.

There are shoes that even if you leave then at Luthuli Avenue for a whole week, even the Street boys won't pick them up. 3. YOUR TASTE. Your shoes reveals your taste in life, what you like and more especially your preferences in life.

There are people who will never put on a certain type of shoe, I have a friend of mine who only put on open shoes.

Come rain come sunshine, Mr Elijah is always clad in his fancy open shoes.

He always remind me of Elijah of the Bible, who always adorn thongs. 4. YOUR PERSONALITY. Your shoes always reveals a grate deal about your personality, you can tell who a persons is by just looking at their shoes.

A car sales friend of mine has mastered the act of shoes psychology, he can clearly distinguish between a potential client from jokers by just looking at their shoes.

And in 9/10 he is always right, and that's why he is the leading salesman in Integrity Cars dealers Ltd.

5. THE NATURE OF YOUR WORK. Your shoes are the perfect giveaway of what you do, whether you are an office worker or a workshop worker.

People can tell what you do for a living, by just looking at your shoes.

They can tell if you are a clerk, or a mechanic by just a glance at your shoes.

6. YOUR HABITS. You can easily tell if a man is a player or an upright man by just looking at his shoes.

That why Hat the Band sung, 'Uliza Kiatu' which is Swahili word translated ask my shoe.

We can ask your shoes practically anything about you, from your social life to private bedroom life.

7. YOUR LIFESTYLE. Your shoes are the dead giveaway of your lifestyle, whether you are a flamboyant character or a moderate one.

Even thieves or robbers pick out their victims, using their shoes.

If you go into an area plagued with a soaring crime rate, put on simple shoes.

This will fend of criminals, from targeting you.

Content created and supplied by: MRIMPACT (via Opera News )


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