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The Types Of Discharge That Causes Ladies PantiesTo Change Colour And The Best Way To Prevent It

It is very normal for ladies black panties to change color. This is always caused by their discharge which is always acidic therefore bleaching the panty. There are differently types of vaginal discharge that makes their panties bleach and today I am going to help you know all the types of discharge.

Black Discharge

This is mostly a sign of sexually transmitted disease where one feels a lot of pain and has a very strong smell.

Light Brown Discharge

This occurs when the white vaginal discharge mixes with menstrual blood and does not cause any pain.

Dark Brown Discharge

This one mostly occurs when a lady is on his periods and when the oxidized blood mixes with free air outside the body.

The best way of preventing these discharge is by not using perfume soaps or sprays around you public area. Always try to wear a clean and not wet panties.

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Black Discharge Dark Brown Light Brown


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