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5 Tips You Should Follow When Wearing A Bodycone Dress To Appear Classic

Bodycone dress is a type of dress that allows the wearer to show off her beautiful body, rather than hiding it under layers of clothing. The style is unique in that it doesn’t control or manipulate your curves. Instead, a bodycon dress will fit snugly and flow over your natural curves. The following are tips ladies should follow when wearing bodycone dress.

Layering is essential

You’re here because you’ve questioned how to style a bodycon dress and layering is the answer you didn’t know you needed. To save you from the self-consciousness of wearing a form-fitting dress, throwing on an additional layer is a perfect illusion.

Avoid flat shoes

Take your look to the next level by pairing it with heels which will elongate your frame and make your silhouette appear slimmer. Pick what is most comfortable, the choice is yours from wedges to pumps or even stilettos. This added height will be to your advantage and is sure to add a certain degree of confidence. Low wedges and comfortable platforms are also a good option.

Wear darker colours

We’ve discussed so many ways to style a bodycon dress and keeping in mind the shade of the dress is just as important as the rest. The colour plays a larger role than you would believe as darker colours are way more flattering than lighter colours and are sure to give you the confidence boost you need.

Wear a belt

The first question that would’ve popped in your mind is why we must cinch the waist in a dress that is already figure hugging. If the bodycon dress is already revealing a little more than you are comfortable with then cinching the waist will come to your rescue.

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