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Scientists Explain Why Facial Skin Starts To Sag Early

The reasons for getting saggy cheeks

Getting rid of fatty foods completely

Although people who monitor their health often refuse to eat fatty or fried foods, but a total refusal to consume products that contain fats can affect the skin's condition negatively. Some fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 retain the elasticity of the cell membrane, which help to sustain the immune system and according to some research, decrease the risks of getting cancer.

Your hormone balance is broken

Lack of estrogen is among the main reasons for losing skin elasticity. These female hormones stimulate dermal fibroblasts to create elastin and collagen. As a result, those women that have low estrogen levels end up having saggy skin and premature wrinkles.

Consumption of too many sweets.

Consuming sugar excessively also affects the elasticity of the skin, it can start the aging process even earlier. Actually, undigested sugar molecules are able to inhibit collagen and elastin in the skin according to one popular theory. So the more sugar you consume, the saggier your skin becomes.

Drastic loss of weight

It affects your appearance negatively, you may have gotten rid of excess fat but the excess skin will still be there. That's why if you're planning to start a diet and lose weight, you should make the process gradual. It is recommend by experts that you pay close attention to the facial skin while losing weight and to make use of tightening creams and special exercises.

You like to sunbathe and spend a lot of time in the sunThe sun has ultraviolet rays which are dangerous for the skin, especially the part of radiation called UVA. This radiation penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin known as the dermis. It is dangerous because the dermis consists of 70% collagen which is the natural carcass of your face and UVA rays literally destroy this.

Sleeping too little

A lack of sleep might also lead to a saggy face and deep wrinkles because our skin repairs itself at night and the ingredients in night creams act more effectively because of better blood circulation when we sleep. Remember that your body loses a lot of moisture while sleeping which is why it's necessary to use moisturizing creams to prevent the skin from dehydration.

You like to jogCosmetic surgeons suggests that, jogging is not the best idea for athletes of an older age. The combination of unfavorable weather factors like the sunsun, wind as well as constant shaking, leads to a loss of elasticity and as a result, loose, hanging skin. Undoubtedly, jogging is one of the best methods to lose weight but a drastic loss of fat combined with sports activities that can deform the skin can result in the appearance of "bulldog cheeks"

Growing older

Remember that the facial muscles that are responsible for supporting the facial skeleton are attached to the bones of the skull only on one side. This is great because we express our emotions with the help of these muscles. However, they tend to lose their elasticity after some time, which results in saggy cheeks and a fuzzy face instead of a clear face of an oval shape.

You constantly use your phoneThe often use of smartphone or tablet while tracking the news on Instagram and chat with friends online, there's a high chance that you'll see a "smartphone face" staring back at you in the mirror. An excess use of electronic gadgets can lead to a user's head staying frozen looking down at their gadget's screen. According to some cosmetic surgeons, the constant use of smartphones leads to terrible consequences like having a fuzzy face, wrinkles, and a saggy chin.

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