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Unique Beauty Standards In Africa

Beauty is a word of vast meaning,in the modern world where people are encouraged to love their flaws and not to go too harsh on their own body to enhance beauty,there are still plenty of beauty standards that limit people perspective of being beautiful.

Though western beauty standards may have taken the world by storm, it's not the norm everywhere,there are some cultures that take beauty standards seriously and some seem a bit brutal,here are some from Africa.

1. Himba Tribe Of Namibia.

They slather themselves in thick clay called 'Otijize' from head to toe,otijize is made from ochre,butter and aromatic resin,when applied to the hair and body it turns into an orange-ish red color which is supposed to symbolize blood,for himba people blood is essence of life,while it's a beauty standard it helps protect their skin from the sun and heat.

2. Mursi Tribe of Southern Ethiopia.

When a girl becomes a woman they start the lip plating process,over a period of time she and her family will keep stretching her lip until it's about 8-20cm in diameter,women take pride in decorating the lip plate,the process is important as it's part of wedding rituals in their culture.

3. Karo Tribe Of Ethiopia.

They have an ancient scarification ritual it seems a bit brutal but it's still practiced till today,the painful process includes women piercing or cutting patterns into their faces and other parts of their bodies with sharp objects or knives,once the wound are open they rub charcoal or gun powder into the opening for the wound to form keloids once they heal,the see the scars as artwork and attractive.

4. Maasai Tribe Of Kenya.

The ear lobe stretching custom has been a culture practiced in the Maasai community,they stretch their lobes using different weights and it holds a symbol of beauty,women wear intricate jewelry in the multiple ear piercing and they also believe ears are the most sacred part of the body,it's also signifies age and wisdom so the older you are the more elongated ear lobes you have.

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