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Did You Know Of These Amazing Benefits Of Cassava For Your Skin, Hair And Health?

Have you ever come across a single ingredient that can take care of skin, health and hair at the same time? If no, cassava is one of those.

Benefits of cassava on your skin

1) It smoothens and brightens your complexion.

It's peels can be used as skin exfoliator. You split the peels, make a fresh paste out of it and use it as a scrub. You brush the face well for a few minutes and wash it with cold water. For good results, you are supposed to do this 3 times a week.

2) Great face mask

Cassava plants also act as great face masks. Before preparing the face mask,wash your face with warm water. This will help in opening up the pores. The mask will easily get absorbed and improve the texture and condition of your skin. Once you have washed your face, wait for it to dry completely. You may now rinse with cold water so that the pores close. Use your fingers to dry them. Doing this thrice a week will prevent and eliminate scars and impart a healthy glow in return.

3) Removes Scars And Spots

Cassava starch water can help in healing wounds and scars if you apply gently all over the affected area around twice a day.

Benefits of cassava on your hair

1) Helps Your Hair Grow Faster

Its roots and leaves can be used to make a fresh paste that can be applied on oiled hair an hour before you rinse it. Doing this twice a week will help you see changes.

2) Controls Hair Fall

It helps in preventing hair fall by nourishing your hair from the roots to the tips and also hydrating it.

Benefits of cassava on your health

The tubes and roots of the cassava plant contain calories, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B and C and also starch. The leaves contain calcium, iron, fats and protein too.

1) Helps you lose weight

The high fiber content in cassava helps you stay full for a longer period and prevents binge eating.

2) Good for your digestive system

Cassava contains fibers, which are not soluble in water. It helps in the absorption of toxins that enter your intestines. In that way, it improves your digestive health.

3) Helps in overcoming headaches

Most of us suffer from headaches, and for some, it can become unbearable. But you can treat it with the help of cassava. All you have to do for this is take 60 grams of cassava roots or leaves and soak it in water for a couple of hours. Make fresh juice using a blender and then drink it down twice a day.

4) Prevents cancer

The B17 content in these leaves of cassava plant helps in stimulating the content of red blood cells, the loss of which often leads to cancer.

5) Good for the eyes

It is a rich source of vitamin A and bakarotennya that help improve on eye health and in the future prevents blindness or poor eyesight.

6) Heal Wounds

Cassava leaves are great for healing injuries and wounds. It has plenty of nutrients that can help in quickly healing such injuries. Crush cassava leaves in a little amount of Aloe Vera gel and make a smooth paste. Smear this paste on the wound. You can also use the stem of cassava in healing wounds. From the smooth paste made from the leaves and the gel, grate some of the cassava root. If the wound is from a burn, squeeze the pulp out of cassava rhizomes and apply it daily to the wound.

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