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Meet the White Woman Who Changed Her Skin Complexion to Black [Photos]

People have different reasons for changing the way they look through surgeries and other cosmetic procedures. Some get uncomfortable with their body parts and decide to remove them or modify them according to their liking.

Mostly black women and a few men change their skin colour to white either by bleaching or through plastic surgery. But one white woman called Martina Big shocked the world 3 years ago when she decided that black is the best colour for her skin.

People on the internet praised her while most of them were against her decision but that did not influence her to change her mind. It's been 3 years but she is still rocking her black complexion.

She took a risk of undergoing surgery to even change her other body parts such as the waist, hips, legs and chest. She went for skin tanning injections to achieve the crispy brown tan in 2017.

"My first body modification procedure started in 2012. I had a rhinoplasty, I got smaller legs, hips and waist as I wanted to create an extreme version of Barbie. In the past, it was blonde Barbie with white skin but now it is an extreme exotic Barbie," Martina revealed in an interview.

The tanning injections turned her hair from blond to dark and curly, and her eyes became brown. She now wears African attire and has learned how to speak Swahili. She is planning to change her race so that she becomes a complete African woman.

She was asked how she felt about her new look and she said, "I really find it hard to explain why I'm feeling black, but even as I got out I am much more in contact with black the persons than the white persons. Even they know me. I feel the same like the black people."

She has spent more than £50000 to transform her body to what it looks right now and she's still planning to tweak other body parts such as the nose to suit the African look.

Take a look at her recent photos:

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