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Top 5 Ugliest Hairstyles In Football History.

1.Rodrigo Palacio

The 32 year old midfielder adorns a rat tail, he is also the captain of Udinese and represents Argentina national team.He has represented his country for 40 times in his playing carrier.

2.Abel Xavier

Abel Xavier the former Portuguese player is well known because of his many weird and unique hairstyles that he displayed during his playing days.

3.Djribil Cisse

This french retired footballer is known for continuously experimenting with his looks and hairstyles, but this one is enough to give him the third spot on the list.


One of the greatest footballers to ever play football once had a very funny hairstyle during the 2002 worldcup which him and his teammates won after.Ronaldo is usually known by this funny hairstyle and his football records he as set across the globe.

5.Giovanni Simeone

The Argentine had one of the worst hairstyles by football players across the globe.Giovanni loved his hairstyle and maintained it for a long time in his carrier.

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