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How To Maintain Strong And Healthy Hair

Good genetics greatly contributes to strong and healthy hair. This does not mean that you can't control how your hair remains healthy and strong. We will look at tips you can use to help you strengthen your hair strands, boost hair growth, and enhance its look, feel, and health.

Reduce the heat

Using too much heat on your hair weakens the strands. Always lower the heat when using blowdrys,straightening irons,heat curling and other heat tools.It is also very useful to use heat sealant products on your hair to minimise hair damage.

Intake of Vitamins

Boost the intake of vitamins in your meals to help maintain healthy and strong hair. Sometimes it may be hard to acquire these nutrients from meals. In these cases, you may consider taking multivitamins that will boost vitamins and minerals. Before deciding to use supplements like biotin, it is crucial to carry out laboratory tests to determine any negative effects they may have on you.

Massage your scalp

When you massage your scalp you not only boost the health of the scalp but also increase the blood flow tho the follicles. Massage your hair in circular motions with your fingers daily. You can do this on wet or dry hair. Make this a regular habit and watch your mane increase over some time.

Clean your hair with shampoo and conditioner

It is essential to clean your hair and scalp using shampoo. Do not use too much shampoo on hair as it will make the hair brittle and remove necessary oils. After shampooing, condition your hair with a good quality conditioner to add moisture to the strands. Apply enough conditioner to your hair after drying your hair.

Apply hair oil

Applying hair oil assists in making it look healthy. some of the best essential oils you can use on your hair are; almond,olive or coconut oil . Oiling helps in maintaining moisture in the hair and decreased breakages. Applying oil on the scalp and strands results in soft, manageable and strong hair.

Use heat protectant

Use heat protectant products like sprays and creams to protect your strands from the effects of heat from the sun.a blow dryer or styling tool. Use a heat protectant when styling using straightening iron too. The silicone in heat sealant protects your strands from harsh heat.

Trim your hair

To be asured of healthy hair that doesn't break off easily at the ends,trim split ends regularly.You can do this after every two to three months. You can do this yourself or ask your hairdresser to do it for you.

Handle your hair well

Handle your hair with love by combing it with wide-toothed bristle brush.Take good care of your strands and avoid overstretching them to reduce breakages. Avoid combing your when it is wet. Brush your hair once daily or twice while brushing carefully.

Maintain full,shiny and strong hair by following these tips. If you notice that the breakage is not reducing and you are losing lots of hair,report to your doctor.

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