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Ladies | This Is The Right Way To Wear A Wig Cap Like A Pro

Most ladies, know the right way to put on their wig without going through the stress of someone teaching them, but are you really sure? When you are putting a wig on, the wig cap may need to be worn differently depending on the needs and whether you want the wig to sit around your real hairline or all over your head. Let’s take a critical look at how you should put on your wig cap;

1.  For wigs with a lace skin

If you are using wigs with lace skin, use a comb to push the wig into position by using your hands until you can’t see any more scalp through the lace at the front of your hairline. In case you feel it is too tight, adjust it a bit.

2.  For wigs without a lace

Always use a comb or wig grip tool to push the wig down onto your scalp until you can’t see any more scalp through the cap. Make sure there is no or little loose hair under the wig cap by carefully checking and ensuring that there are no wrinkles.

3.  For wigs with a lace front

Using the same tricks as the first and second points, make sure you’ve viewed and checked that your head looks like it has no hair growth above it but still has quite long hair. Make sure the wig cap does not have wrinkles because they will be visible through the wig.

4.  Wigs without a lace front

When using a wig without lace front, remember to use the tools, wig grip or comb to push the wig down onto your scalp. Make sure it covers your head to the point where it looks as if there is no hair growth. 

If your wig often falls off easily, then you should check them carefully before leaving the house. After all, you don’t want people making fun of your wig falling off.

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