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Talibans are back with another ridiculous rule but this time they target men in the country

No more fancy hairstyles for men in Afghanistan as talibans bans fashion in men. The Talibans are back at making some ridiculous rules in Afghanistan. First off, the group ordered schools to reopen but for boys only. They banned the girl child from getting secondary school education.

The notorious group took less than 24 hours to take over the country after America pulled out it's soldiers. They have been fighting to take over the country for about 20 years. Many people were able to flee the country but the onces that were left out are in for a bumpy ride.

A proper haircut and well trimmed beards makes a man look more attractive

Men do not do makeup but a nice haircut and well trimmed beards will definitely make them look more attractive. As a human one is supposed to have the freedom of choice when it comes to what is rightful yours. This is a freedom that all men in Afghanistan will no longer have.

Talibans decided to ban fancy hairstyles and also insisted that men in the country should let the beards grow. We continue to pray for the country as they go through this rough times.

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