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How to be physically fit in two weeks

Do you know that you can be your own physician at home ? Today many people hardly find time to visit medical expertise due to tight schedule during the day either at the offices or in the field trying to find ends meat.

Even at that there are applicable ways of ensuring a healthy life without necessarily having to visit a doctor or a nutritionist.

1. Replace spiced breakfast with hot water

At least every day before leaving for work it is advisable to drink some 7-10 table glasses of water. It doesn't not only help your health but it also helps in managing your income. Water as a component of blood is more crucial than even food itself in as far as life is concerned.

It is important for digestion and also helps in purification of blood and also improves the skin appearance by making it healthy and glowing.

2. Use of a roller

This helps to cut off fats thus by hardening it reduces the tummy hence making you more fit. When done at least three times a day it gives positive results.

It will help you in saving your time as it is at your home and also the finances since you don't need to visit a gym . In addition you can also add some other psycho such as skipping rope, jogging and running. All these are to ensure a healthy body weight.

3. Take in a balanced diet

Balanced diet constitutes of both the three major nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins all in required measure.

4. Consume more of immune building foods

You need more of vitamin C to build up your body immunity.

This helps in build up of more white blood cells which helps in fighting against infection.

Take in more fruits such as ; Orange, lemons, and many more.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep helps to relieve stress ,helps body metabolism to build up new cells and repair of tissues and this is good for your general body health. People who don't get enough sleep are likely to suffer obesity as compared to those who find enough sleep at night.

6. Find time with family

Go for nature walks , take meals together, visit some new places and take photos together with the family members or the loved ones .

Laughing is good for your health and boots your thinking capacity.

Content created and supplied by: Naiy (via Opera News )


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