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Skin Care

8 Beauty Procedures You Should Better Avoid

In the world today, there are many beauty tips found on the Internet. Some of these beauty tips have more harm than good, especially to those people who have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin does not need an apply of a turmeric mask. These are some of the beauty procedures you should avoid, because they may damage your skin.

Using DIY masks that can dye your skin

Natural masks have several benefits to your skin. However, you should have great care when you are using them. These masks can dye your skin, thus becoming like carrots or turmeric. This skin situation may worsen, thus skin color turning to yellow.

Using coconut oil on your face

According to experts, coconut oil is highly comedogenic. The result may clog pores, thus you may get skin breakouts and blackheads.

Using lemon to brighten your skin

The lemon can damage the protective barrier of your skin. This is because, lemons pH is between 2 to 3. Remember your skin pH is between 4 to 5. Lemon can lighten your face. However, when you expose it to sunlight, the skin may experience blisters and irritation.

Using apple cider vinegar to mask body odor

Apple cider vinegar has various side effects. It may cause burns due to strong acids it has. When you apply it on your skin, you skin get irritated. 

Exfoliating with baking soda and coffee

Baking soda can be used as a skin exfoliant. It removes dead cells and bacteria on your skin. However, your skin becomes susceptible to moisture loss, thus it becomes dry. The moisture loss may speed up the growth of other bacteria on your skin.

Applying toothpaste to shrink pimples

Many people like applying toothpaste to their pimples, in order to make them dry out. However, you should avoid this at all. This is because, you are burning and irritating your skin unknowingly, especially your face. Your skin may have a rash by the name contact dermatitis.

Using steam to soothe skin

Over steaming may irritate and dry your skin. Whenever you are using steam to soothe your skin, you should regulate the temperature of the steam. This is because, heat has the ability of breaking collagen, thus causing more wrinkles on your skin.

Using body lotion for your face

Most lotions are specifically made for body purposes only. However, they can dry out and irritate the sensitive skin on your face. The body is thicker, thus it may sustain the strong fragrances.

What is your favorite beauty product? You may comment, share, and remember to follow me for more content.

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