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Health Precautions: How Often Should You Change Your Underwear.

The widespread assumption is that in order to prevent bacterial growth and subsequent infection, you should change your underwear at least once a day.

However, if you work out or perspire a lot, you should put on a fresh pair of shoes every time you finish an activity. It is also advised that you put on fresh underwear after taking a shower to avoid retaining any more moisture.

Avoiding moisture buildup is advisable since it might encourage the growth of yeast and bacteria, which may result in unpleasant diseases. The combination of moisture, body heat, and the proximity of your booty hole to other sensitive areas on your body has the potential to create the ideal habitat for the growth of bacteria, which prefers warm, damp settings.

Fecal waste contains bacteria that can become entangled in the fibers of your underwear and give birth to a large number of obedient bacteria offspring. This may also cause skin itching and irritation.

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