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4 Amazing Tips On How To Prevent Underarm Sweating

How to avoid armpit sweat

The excessive sweating of the armpits is an uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing condition, but it is also avoidable. This skin condition, also known as hyperhidrosis, affects almost three percent of the population. Unfortunately, that group often does not seek treatment for their excessive underarm sweating because they do not realize that hyperhidrosis is a treatable medical condition. In this article we want to explain some tips on how to avoid armpit sweat , so that you can try to prevent this embarrassing condition.

Steps to follow:


Apply antiperspirant liberally and frequently to your armpits. Using deodorant products in the morning and before bed can maximize results. Some products contain low percentages of the active ingredient that prevents excessive sweating, so sometimes it may be necessary to look for more concentrated products to avoid this problem. The phrase "clinical protection" usually indicates a higher concentration.


Likewise, it will be essential to wear breathable clothing that allows proper sweating. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk allow greater air circulation than synthetic fabrics. Wear natural fiber clothing - usually indicated on the product label - in your daily life, as well as during exercise.


Avoid foods that trigger perspiration . Hot drinks or foods with high concentrations of spices and salt can make your armpits sweat more . Some examples of foods that cause perspiration include hot coffee or citrus fruits. Choose the mildest tasting foods on the menu and control the consumption of red meat, spicy foods and sugars.


It can also be useful to avoid armpit sweat to use wet wipes during the day to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, which are itself the cause of strong body odor, since sweat itself does not smell.

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