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How to Live a Healthy Life

Eat a fruit everyday. Fruits have various advantages to your body. The advantages are as follows. These fruits are such as:

1. Oranges

Protect your cell from damage.

Helps your body to make collagen. Collagen is used to make your skin smooth and heal wounds.

Helps in the absorption of iron to fight anaemia.

Boost your immune system.

2. Cucumbers.

Contains high nutrients.

Contains antoxides.

It promotes hydration.

It aids in loss of weight.

It is used to stabilize blood sugar levels of the body.


It reduces muscle cramps. The higher levels of potassium is used to stabilize your muscle cramps as you are sleeping.

It contains magnesium which is used to lower your stress and anxiety.

It reduces blood pressure.

4. Passion fruit.

Source of fibre.

It contains Low glycemic index.

Improves insulin sensitivity.

Reduces anxiety.

Rich in antioxidants.

5. Guavas

Used to stabilize sugar levels in the blood.

Both the heart health.

May help relieve symptoms of menstruation.

Has anti-cancer effects.

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Cucumbers Oranges


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