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6 Simple Changes You Can Make For Your Clothes To Look Better

Buy a fitting Attire A piece of clothing that isn't fitting you, no matter how expensive or well-made it is, will not make you look good. Ensure that you get everything fitted to your body even if you are buying clothes off the rack. This goes especially for men with formal suits, blazers, and jackets, and for women too, be it pantsuits or dresses. A cheaper ensemble that fits well is likely to look better than an expensive ill-fitting one.

Make sure your sleeves stop at the wristKeepbin mind that sleeves that go beyond your wrist only look good for beachwear or as a bohemian dress. The same goes for drawstring pants with the string out. For formal wear, it’s best that the sleeves stop at the wrist. For formals, waistlines should be neat, with buttons and zips, and no strings. Everything billowy and that has a drawstring is for casual days only.

Add a bright accent to a monochromatic or pastel outfitFor those who are working in an office, are always recommended to dress subtly. And pastels and nudes are in vogue, but wearing too much of one color in one outfit can make you appear a bit dull. Accentuate with a bright color closer to your face. A bright scarf, a shirt, or a blouse, can make all the difference to a monochromatic outfit. In the picture above, Kate Hudson’s all-nude pantsuit is pretty, but on the other hand Cate Blanchett’s jacket and red lips that look more vivid.

Pointy-toe heels are bad for your feet and fashionOur feet do not point in the middle, so the entire purpose of very pointy shoes, or heels, is just a style. Although it may work at a red carpet premiere but when it comes to daily work and personal life, wearing overtly stylish shoes can be very painful to you feet. Wear heels and shoes but before you buy any, make sure they fit well and are truly comfortable to be in. A gently rounded toe and heels that adhere to the shape of your foot are best.

Size-up to avoid muffin tops and waist rollsYou are aware that a muffin top is what happens when your waistband is too tight, and any fat on the waist spills out over and above the belt. This can ruin even the best outfit. We all come in different shapes and sizes, irrespective of that, it’s always better to size up or down to fit your waistline. The waistband should sit comfortably on your skin and not dig in or cause any bulges. Wearing a top that is too tight can also accentuate any spillovers. If your waist bulges disturb you, considerr choosing to go with a higher waisted outfit to look great

Dress according to your ageRemember that what looks good on you changes as you age. For example, the crop tops and spaghetti straps that looked great in your teens and your 20s don’t carry over that well into your 40s. It’s not about covering up, it’s simply about enhancing your best features.

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