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The Top Best Sneakers Brand In The World

It's impossible to deny that sneakers are the most popular shoes at the moment. Whether hitting the streets, heading to an event, going to work, sneakers are the favorite footwear choice.

Here are some of the most influential sneaker brands in the world right now.

1. Nike

Naturally, no list of top world sneaker brands would ever be complete without Nike. The undisputed masters of hype is recognizable anywhere in the world.

Nike knows how to create products that live up to their considerable hype. It has more icons in its back catalog than any other sneaker brand. Air Max, Air Force 1, Air Jordan are all sneaker dynasties in their own right.

whether you're looking for the best sneakers for your athletic endeavours or simply want a stylish pair for street wear, Nike will always have what you need.

2. Adidas

In the current sneaker wars between the world's sport wear big hitters has produced some of the boldest innovations in foot wear and Adidas is winning the battle.

The German sports giants has been experimenting with 3D printing as a production method for groundbreaking webbed sole units.

3. Converse

It's incredible to think about how much the world has evolved in the last 100 years.

The legendary brand has been taking its iconic basketball shoes from the court to the streets since the early 1900's. The iconic shoe has remained 99.9 percent unchanged and is now the best selling shoe in the world.

4. Common Projects

Luxury New York sneaker brand common projects first introduced its Achilles Low model in 2004 and men went mad for it.

Buttery Italian leather, exquisite streamlined and a timeless wear ability that made each pair the perfect accompaniment to anything from a suit to shorts.

5. Puma

Puma is one of the world's leading sports brands, and its innovative offerings can now be found in over 120 countries.

Turn to the Thunder Electric model for a bulky-but athletic shape and bold nineties-esque color pops.

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