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The Five (5) Types Of Tattoos Associated With Criminal Activities And May Put You In Serious Trouble

A tatoo is something good that can greatly improve someone's looks. Some people use tatoos just to look beautiful, some to remind them of something that happened in the past. However, there is another category of people that uses tatoos to symbolize who they really are.

Below are five types of tatoos that might put you in trouble, depending on where you pass and whose path you cross.

NB: Images used for illustration purposes only.

1. A Five-point crown tatoo.

We have crown tattoos with various numbers of points but the this one is special. This tatoo is only used by the Latin Kings Gang. It might have the letters ALKN symbolizing the Almighty Latin Kings and Nations. So, if you use it and you're not part of this gang it may land you in trouble.

2. Cob Web tattoo.

Just like the Cob web itself, this tattoo represents signifies someone who has stayed prison for so long. The larger the web, the longer the time spent in prison. This is used by serial criminals hence may land a normal person in hot soup.

3. A dagger going through the neck tatoo.

This means that the individual has killed do many people and may have been arrested for that. However, he or she is ever ready to be hired to commit more murder. Avoid this one too, you may be jailed for something you have never done due to your ignorance. Keep off people with such tatoos too.

4. Barbed wire across the forehead tattoo.

This one can be used by normal people. However for criminals, it means that this person has committed many serious crimes. Therefore, the number of nodes on that wire is the total number of years they spent in jail. Do you want to be mistaken for a criminal?

5. Stars on the knees tatoo.

This means that you are a notorious criminal, a robber, murderer and all sorts. But, you will never ever bow down to any authority.

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Content created and supplied by: NyakundiğŸ˜Ž (via Opera News )

ALKN Almighty Latin Kings


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