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Charges for Kids Hairstyles at Vera Sidika's Beauty Parlour

People say that little girls are sweet, but they don't realize they are fierce too. From the start, baby girls need to be thought about self love and confidence so they can grow up walking with their heads held high and all this starts with teaching them of self love and that includes taking care of their general appearance.

One way is by taking them to a hairdresser to get their hair fixed atleast once a month and for that, Vera Sidika got your back. She is a Kenyan television and social media personality, celebrity, video vixen entrepreneur, and socialite. Born and raised in Mombasa.

She owns a beauty parlour and barber shop which offers a variety of services for both kids and grown-ups. The spa is situated in Mombasa Nyali. She is inviting you and your daughter to get your hair done by her professional employees at an 'affordable' price.

Charges start from ksh 1500 inclusive of washing and straightening 😅😜🤭 very cheap right? Personally, if that is the only price for me to get my hair done, then it's just better I get my mom to shave me with a razor so I never see my hair again (kidding it's fair. For an adult though.) Children's hair isn't so strong so they can't have complicated hairstyles Ksh 1500 seems too much for cornrows. Still it all depends with some factors right? Anyway just talking from a hustlers point of view. If you can get value for money why not go for it?

So dear reader, is it a date? You can all book appointments using the number given above. I know you people are rich and don't mind at all.

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