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All you Need to Know About Today's No bra day: October 13th

Today being October 13th ladies allover the word are happily celebrating no bras day. Almost all ladies are walking along the streets bra free.It is quite impressive to onlookers.No bra day is a health day for the females.

It is a holiday that focuses on on awareness of breast cancer.This particular day helps raise awareness of the disease, encourage self examination besides early detection.

Besides that,a woman that wears bras daily wouldn't have a significant effect even if she goes without wearing the garment even 24/7. In spite of having the no bra day holiday,the garment also has an advantage as it prevents sagging for women with large breasts which is normal.

They also help prevent back pains. On the other hand, if a woman doesn't wear a bra, her breasts are prone to sagging.This is because there is lack of proper long-term support.

This particularly stretches breast tissue and yet they sag regardless of breast size. The holiday is of great help to the ladies as long as they fully understand what it is about.

What's your view in this wonderful day.

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