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"I Will Give You Sh 70 Thousand" Milly Wajesus Mum Dares To Cut Her Dreadlocks To Bag Alot Of Money

Dreadlocks have been around since ancient times. Even today a lot of people are rocking the cool hairstyle.

Dreadlocks are mostly famously attributed to the reggae stars but nowadays, reggae stars are not the only ones rocking the locked look. Plenty of celebrities have experimented with dreadlocks and many of them have made it a permanent hairstyle.

The WaJesus Family are really so fun to keep up with. Milly Wajesus mum of the Wajesus Family was dared to cut her dreadlocks in exchange of shillings seventy thousands. She has had the dreadlocks for two years.

On the Wajesus Family YouTube channel, Kabi Wajesus promised his mother in law to buy the dreadlocks once she agree to cut them.

"Ukinyoa mimi ndio nitanunua hizo dredi." Kabi

She accepted the dare with a compromise of fifty thousand Kenya shillings claiming dreadlocks are very expensive while her son Obadiah insisted that, she be given one hundred thousand because of upkeep.

"Utanunua pesa ngapi lazima tunegotiate. Haitoka hivi unafikiria. Hii sio kama wig. This is natural. Inakuanga very expensive. Naweza ku negotiate nikuuzie sh50,000. Napia munipeleke salon." Milly Wajesus mum

"Lakini ikuwe sh100,000. Juu amenyoa na upkeep." Obadiah

To top it up Milly Wajesus promised to cater for her salon from that day onwards while Kabi promised to add her shillings twenty thousand making it a seventy thousand deal.

"Nitakupeka Miden(saloon). Utakuwa unatengenezwa Miden all your days." Milly

"On top of shaving your dreadlocks I will give you sh20,000. I will give you sh 70,000 just for cutting your dreadlocks." Kabi

After the cut the transformation was so beautiful. She rocked baby locks hairstyle. The deal was so good that she promised to return the dreadlocks in exchange of money again next year.

"Nitatoa hii nianze kulea tena. Next year December zitakuwa ready.

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